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Shuyi Jia 「郏舒逸」

I am a first-year CSE PhD student at Georgia Tech, supervised by Prof. Victor Fung. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from SUTD. Previously, I have worked with Prof. Wei Lu on language models, Prof. Dario Poletti on applying machine learning methods to quantum many-body systems, and Prof. Kang Hao Cheong on Parrondo's paradox.

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My research interests lie in machine learning and computational science. With theoretical understanding, I'm also interested in doing research with a strong social impact and addressing fundamental problems in natural sciences, especially in the fields of computational physics and chemistry.



  • SUTD Global Distinguished Scholarship, SUTD, 2019.

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), 4th Place in Chemistry, Phoenix AZ, 2016.

  • Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF), Gold Medal, 2016.